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planting the seed

We want to continue the progression towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and we are taking a step forward with our Earth Day Totes. They are made with recycled Poly/Organic cotton canvas and locally screen printed here in Austin, Texas. Apart from being a reusable replacement for plastic bags, 100% of profits from the Earth Day Totes will be donated to Sustainable Food Center in Austin, who is working to keep small sustainable farms in business—a job more difficult now than ever due to COVID-19. Learn more at

about the image

This design of a person with a plant in their mouth was inspired by a photoshoot Diego art directed and Nolan Weinschenk photographed in 2019. A visceral image emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between humans and the earth. Check out all the photos at


P.S. It’s not real dirt—just coffee grounds and graham crackers! Try it out! Tastes great.

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